AAS CD-ROM Series,
Volume VIII, 1997 June

The following lists all of the papers that have data appearing on the AAS CD-ROM Series, Volume VIII, 1997 June.

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Table of Contents

Astronomical Journal

Large-Scale Structure at Low Galactic Latitude
Marzke, R.O., Huchra, J.P., & Geller, M.J. 1996, AJ, 112, 1803
(document, data files)

BVRI Light Curves for 29 Type Ia Supernovae
Hamuy, M. et al. 1996, AJ, 112, 2408
(document, data files)

Faint Cepheid Studies. II. Stars with Published Periods
Henden, A.A. 1996, AJ, 112, 2757
(document, data files)

UBV Photometry of Southern Luminous Stars
Reed, B.C. & Vance, S.J. 1996, AJ, 112, 2855
(document, data files)

Reddenings, Metallicities, and Possible Abundance Anomalies in Young Gloubar Clusters
Sarajedini, A. & Layden, A.C. 1997, AJ, 113, 264
(document, data files)

Proton Capture Chains in Globular Cluster Stars. II. Oxygen, Sodium, Magnesium, and Aluminum Abundances in M13 Giants Brighter than the Horizontal Branch
Kraft, R.P. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 279
(document, data files)

A New Survey of Stellar Kinematics in the Central Milky Way
Tiede, G.P. & Terndrup, D.M. 1997, AJ, 113, 321
(document, data files)

U,B,V Light Curves of the Short-Period Solar-Type Eclipsing Binary, V417 Aquilae
Samec, R.G., Pauley, B.R., & Carrigan, B.J. 1997, AJ, 113, 401
(document, data files)

Groups of Galaxies in the Northern CfA Redshift Survey
Ramella, M., Pisani, A., & Geller, M.J. 1997, AJ, 113, 483
(document, data files)

The Kinematics, Orbit, and Survival of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Ibata, R.A. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 634
(document, data files)

Globular Cluster Photometry with the Hubble Space Telescope. VI. WF/PC-I Observations of the Stellar Populations in the Core of M13 (NGC 6205)
Cohen, R.L. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 669
(document, data files)

A Radial Velocity Database for Stephenson-Sanduleak Southern Luminous Stars
Reed, B.C. & Kuhna, K.M. 1997, AJ, 113, 823
(document, data files)

Kinematic Profiles of S0 Galaxies
Fisher, D. 1997, AJ, 113, 950
(document, data files)

Stellar Populations in the Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy NGC 147
Han, M. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 1001
(document, data files)

UIT: Ultraviolet Observations of the Small Magellanic Cloud
Cornett, R.H. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 1011
(document, data files)

Fabry-Perot Observations of Globular Clusters. III. M15
Gebhardt, K. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 1026
(document, data files)

Chemical Abundances of Galactic Cepheid Variables That Calibrate the P-L Relation
Fry, A.M. & Carney, B.W. 1997, AJ, 113, 1073
(document, data files)

21 cm H I Line Spectra of Galaxies in Nearby Clusters
Haynes, M.P. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 1197
(document, data files)

Ultraviolet Photometry of Stars in the Compact Cluster R136 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Hunter D.A. et al. 1997, AJ, 113, 1691
(document, data files)

A Near-Infrared Imaging Survey of NGC 2282
Horner, D.J., Lada, E.A., & Lada, C.J. 1997, AJ, 113, 1788
(document, data files)

Astrophysical Journal

A Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of Galaxies behind the Virgo Cluster and towards its Antipode
Hoffman, G.L. et al. 1997, ApJ, 473, 822
(document, data files)

A Composite HST Spectrum of Quasars
Zheng, W. et al. 1997, ApJ, 475, 469
(document, data files)

Abundance Analyses of the Field RV Tauri Variables: EP Lyrae, DY Orionis, AR Puppis, and R Sagittae
Gonzalez, G., Lambert, D.L., & Giridhar, S. 1997, ApJ, 479, 427
(document, data files)

Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series

Supplement to the Second EGRET Catalog of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources
Thompson, D.J. et al. 1996, ApJS, 107, 227
(document, data files)

High-Resolution Spectra of Ordinary Cool Stars in the K Band
Wallace L. & Hinkle K. 1996, ApJS, 107, 312
(document, data files)

A Catalog of Morphological Types in 10 Distant Rich Clusters of Galaxies
Smail, I. et al. 1997, ApJS, in press
(document, data files)

A New Chemo-evolutionary Population Synthesis Model for Early-Type Galaxies. II. Observations and Results
Vazdekis, A. et al. 1997, ApJS, in press
(document, data files)

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

A Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables -- Second Edition
Downes, R., Webbink, R.F., & Shara, M.M. 1997, PASP, 109, 345
(document, data files)

Secondary Photometric Standards for Northern Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Henden, A.A. & Honeycutt, R.K. 1997, PASP, 109, 441
(document, data files)

Light Curves for 40 Field RR Lyrae Variables
Layden, A.C. 1997, PASP, 109, 524
(document, data files)

Prepared by Lee E. Brotzman, Advanced Data Solutions